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  My name is Lisa. I am a certified dog trainer that is confined to a wheelchair. I have always been an animal lover and ever since I needed to get a service dog to help me with my every day life, I realized just how hard it was to find a good, reputable trainer in my area that would be willing to help me train my dog to do the things I needed.   

 I could take my dog to obedience training at my local pet store but I really needed someone to be able to work with me to help my dog learn specific things.   

I found an amazing trainer, who was willing to help me and my dog, but they were over two hours away. I spent the time and worked with him and watched the amazing transformation that my dog went through and is now able to do things that help me. I was so inspired by the trainer who helped me that I went to school and became the trainer I am today. I am continuing my education to learn as much as possible to help anyone and everyone that needs it.

I decided to open my own business because there was not a lot of trainers in this area. I wanted to be able to help others in need who could benefit like I do every day from a well trained dog who can perform things that a disability does not allow them to do.   

I can help you train your dog, whether its a puppy who needs obedience training or an older dog that needs specialty training such as a service dog, emotional support dog or therapy dog.   

Specialty Training


Specialty training can help your dog become everything that you need. If you suffer from a disability a service dog can help you pick up where your disability leaves you lacking. Service dogs can be trained to pick things up, find things for you, alert you of an on coming seizure, even help you with maintaining your diabetes. 

Emotional support dogs can help ease anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, and so much more. These dogs can make such a difference in their owners lives.

Therapy dogs are trained to work with other people other than their owners. These dogs are the ones that are trained to go into a hospital, nursing facility even schools to help improve the lives of other people. 

Basic Obedience


Basic obedience training includes helping to house break your new fur baby, basic cues such as "sit", "stay", "down", "come" to teaching high level competition with in clubs.  Basic obedience is an on going process that requires consistency from the handler of the dog. It teaches the dog to be compliant with the commands that the handler is giving.   
  The length of time that is required for your dog to be obedient will not only depend on your consistency and understanding but also your dogs temperament, the method used, your dogs understanding as well as the level of obedience that you are looking to have. 

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